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Mahalaxmi Jo Sagado (Sagaro)
Goddess MahalaxmiThis is one of unique and important festival in the Sindhi festival calendar. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of wealth and being celebrated during the "Shiradhs" - a time period of two weeks dedicated for paying homage to forefathers. Celebration of festival starts with tiding "Sagaro" a thread belt complied from raw thread with sixteen knots, on wrist. On the eighth shiradh sagaro is untied.
To mark the end of festival a special worship prayer of Goddess Mahalaxmi is conducted in near by temple where all the ladies are gathered with sagara of all the family members. Each Sagaro is rolled over the set of four "Puris" and for each sagara set of two each Sori [sixteen pointed Tiki] and Titar [with four points] are made and after the worship are to be eaten by the family member concerned.
For this festival Tikyoon, Lola and Satpuda are prepared in Sindhi homes. Satpuda socked in sweet milk is one of tasty sindhi food.

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Sindhi Food - TikyoonReligious and social roots of Sindhis & Hindus goes to same origin point in the Indus valley civilization. In the Hindu calendar Shrawan or Shiravan month is treated as one of the scared month and many Hindu festivals fall in this month the same is with the festivals of Sindhis.
Thadadi is a sindhi festival celebrated in the month of Shiravan and is dedicated to Goddess Sitala Mata, beside the worshiping the Goddess on this day for keeping the individuals protected from the fire of anger prayers are also made for safeguarding of houses from the fire of jealousy and anguish.
This festival also underline the importance perseverance of food stuffs in human life, as on the this cocking fire in the sindhi homes is kept rested and food cocked on previous day is eaten.
On this day main food stuffs are the Mithuoon Kokiyoon [sweet] prepared from wheat flour and sugar and Chahiryoon Kokiyoon [Salted] prepared from Gram Dal flour, green Chilies and salt with Curd, Pickle and some other fried vegetables, though in recent times, in some Sindhi homes "Pulav" is also cooked on previous night for eating on day of Thadadi.