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32 forms of Lord Ganesha
This Hindu God is the deity of Maharashtra state and as per the traditions idol of Shri Ganesha is established at every home during the Ganeshoutsav, often celebrated in the months of August - September every year. There are 32 forms in which Lord Ganesha is worshiped. List of these forms and Idol description for each form is listed here. this will help visitors to find a relation between idol and form of lord Ganesha in which God is worshiped.

List of Forms of Lord Ganesha & description of Idol
Form of God Idol
Baal Ganesha Red Colour Four Armed
Bhakti Vinayakar Red Colour Four Armed
Dharuna Vinayakar Red Colour Eight Armed
Dhryakshara Vinayaka Gold Colour Four Armed with Chaamara ear rings
Dundi Vinayakar Four Armed with a tusk, a garland, an axe and a gem  studded vessel.
Durga Vinayakar Red Colour Eight Armed
Dwija Vinayakar White Colour Four faced Four Armed
Dwimukha Vinayakar Red Colour, Two faced, Four Armed
Ekadhanta Vinayakar Blue Colour, Four Armed, Elephant teeth
Ekakshara Vinayaka Lotus seated, Red Colour and Third eye
Haridra Vinayakar Yellow Colour, Four Armed
Heramba Vinayakar Lion seated, Black colour, Five faced, Ten Armed
Kshipra Ganapati Red Colour, Four Armed with Ratan Kumbham
Kshipraprasaada Vinayakar Red Colour, Six Armed
Lakshmi Vinayakar White Colour, Eight Armed with two consorts
Makara Vinayakar Red Colour, third eye, Ten Armed wearing Ratan Kumbham and with his consort
Nritta Vinayakar Golden Colour, Dancing posture
Ranamochana Vinayaka Crystal, four Armed
Sankatahara Vinayakar Lotus seated with consort to his left, Red Colour, Four Armed with cloth of blue Colour.
Shakti Ganapati Seated with consort, Red Colour Four Armed
Siddhi Vinayakar Golden Colour Four Armed
Simha Vinayakar White Colour, eight Armed, one arm with lion face
Srishti Vinayakar Mooshika mount seated, Red Colour, Four Armed
Trimukha Vinayakar Golden lotus seated, Red Colour, Three Faces, six Armed
Ucchishta Ganapati Blue Colour, Six Armed with Consort.
Urdhva Vinayakar Gold Colour, Six Armed with Consort.
Utthanda Vinayakar Red Colour, Ten Armed with Consort on left.
Vara Vinayakar Red Colour Four Armed with third eye
Veera Vinayakar Red Colour, Sixteen Armed
Vigna Vinayakar Gold Colour Eight Armed
Vijaya Vinayakar Red Colour, Four Armed with Mooshik Mount
Yoga Vinayakar Red Colour, Yogi Posture