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Famous Sindhi Poet

Narayan Shyam - Sindhi Poet - Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award
Famous Sindhi poet Narayan Gokuldas Nagwani, more popularly known as Narayan "Shyam" was born in Nwabshah district of Sindh and educated at Mumbai has received the prestigious literature award "Sahitya Academy Award" for his poetry "Wari-a-Bharyo Paland" in the year 1970. His some of other published works are Maaka Bina Rabel, Maak Phura, Ranga Rati Lahar etc.

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Sindhi Language & Literature
The Sindhu World feel honored with inclusion of biography web pages for sindhi writer and poets who proved mile stones for Sindhi language and Literature. Multi skilled popular writer, singer, poet Ram Panjwani was an institution of his own, A J Uttam was famous as encyclopedia of sindhi Literature, Arjun Shad contributed by introducing Ghazal to literary arena of Sindhi Language and Popati Hiranandani was the revolutionary women author.

A J UttamA J Uttam - Encyclopedia of Sindhi Literature

A very rare class of people can be classified as the true devotes of language and literature and Hyderabad Sindh born [16-12-1923] ... Read More .....

Arjun ShadArjun Mirchandani - Arjun Shad

This is to true depth and variety of Sindhi literature that we have one such visionary personality in the form of Arjun Mirchandani, ... Read More ......

Dr. Dayal AshaDr. Dayal Asha [Dayal Kotumal Dhameja]

Born on 16 December 1936 in Khairpur sindh at Khairpur Meras as the son of Shri Kotumal Dhameja. Dr Dayal Asha's unique ... Read More ....

Hiro ThakurHiro Thakur

He saw and went through the painful feeling generated from the partition of country, Yes I am talking about Hiro Thakur ... Read More ....

Dr. Jetho LalwaniDr. Jetho Lalwani

Born on 8th March 1945 [at Kandiyaro in the Nawab Shah of Sindh Provision] as the son of Jamnadevi and Madhavdas Dr. Jetho Lalwani went on to become  ... Read More ....

K R MalkaniKewalram Ratanmal Malkani [K.R. Malkani]

Hyderabad Sindh born [19 November 1921]  popularly known as K R Malkani was belonging to rare human class  ... Read More ....

Dr. Moti PrakashDr. Moti Prakash

Dr. Moti Prakash, who joined the institution in February 1977 as the principal and was promoted to the post of Rector of the ----- Read More ----

Hinduja NandNand Hinduja Anand

Famous Sindhi writer, poet and Sindhi teacher of Ulhasnagar Shri Nandlal Hinduja is active member of Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli & Sahit Prachar Sabha.  ----- Read More ----

Popati HiranandaniPopati Hiranandani - Revolutionary Sindhi Woman

Popati Hiranandani - the revolutionary woman sindhi writer was born on 17-9-1924 at Karachi [ presently in Pakistan], She was one ... Read More .....

Prabhu WafaPrabhu Wafa - New Style of Sindhi Poetry

Sindhi poetry become enriched with new style of poetry "Panjkada" Five rhyming lines, introduced by most famous sindhi poet....... Read More .....

Ram PanjwaniProf. Ram Panjwani - Most Famous Sindhi Writer Poet

Sindh have the fame of being the land of Saints, Darveshs, fakirs, poets and personalities larger than life. 20th November 1911 ........ Read More .....